How to Unlock Chromebook Without Password


Most of us recognize that opening your Chromebook is really simple all you require is the google account and your password. Now, in the event that you ever forget that your account information below is five distinct ways about the best way best to unlock Chromebook with no password.

Chromebooks, unlike ordinary notebooks, do not require a comprehensive set-up time. But should you don’t remember your password you’ll find other methods to unlock Chromebook?

All Chromebooks utilize the Chrome OS, meaning they are cloud-based. It may be tormenting to get your Chromebook should you don’t remember your password. You ought to know about the various ways you may employ your Chromebook if you forget your password since you are never going to know when it may happen to you personally.

With no password, Google can’t allow any access to a Chromebook. This report provides you a few ways that you may unlock a Chromebook with no password and spare yourself the problem of recalling your password.

5 Ways To Unlock Chromebook Without A Password:


1.  Access the Chromebook as a guest

Chromebooks, such as Windows computers, allow guest access. The”Browse as guest” alternative is always located at the base of each Chromebook login display. Click this button to register to the pc for a guest.

Access the Chromebook as a guest for unlock without password

Therefore you still require a google account password to run your Chromebook. In Any Event, logging in as a guest remains a sensible solution if your Objective is to browse through sites,

The guest style feature is also helpful when you would like a person to borrow your Chromebook or utilize it like a shared computer for college or a provider. Other than this, the guest manner also provides unique features like stopping Chrome from remembering your browsing actions.

2. Use the PIN Feature to unlock your Chromebook without a password

In other words, this process enables you to get access to a device using a private code like how it is done on a normal smartphone.

Pin unlock just works on the lock display. To do so you need to log in after when you reboot or boot your PC. But this feature only works so long as you do not fully shut down your Chromebook. Thus you have to be certain you don’t ever restart or shut off your apparatus.

To unlock your Chromebook using a PIN:

– Click on the Quick Unlock option when you wake up your computer from sleep mode.

– Type the four-digit PIN on the tab to unlock your laptop.

Use the PIN Feature to unlock your Chromebook without a password

Here how you can set up a PIN to quickly log in with your device.

  • Select the time at the bottom right of your screen and click “Settings”.
  • Go to the “People” section and choose the Screen Lock.
  • Type your Google account password and then select Confirm.
  • Choose PIN or password > Set up a PIN.
  • After entering your six-digit PIN code, select Continue.
  • Now, all you need to do is re-enter your PIN, then choose Confirm.

1 advantage of a PIN is they’re easier to remember since it merely includes four digits when compared with lengthy passwords. Finally, you still want your password to use this procedure, it only simplifies the procedure for logging into your Chromebook.

3. Use Smart Lock to unlock your Chromebook without a password

A wise lock is among the most well-known features included on Chromebooks.

To unlock your Chromebook with no password you may use the wise lock attribute. So you want an Android apparatus signed in using the exact same Google account as your Chromebook.

To set up Smart Lock here are the procedures that you need to follow:

  • Select the time at the bottom right of your screen and click “Settings”.
  • Look for the “Connected Devices” and choose your Android phone.
  • After this, you need to click on Smart Lock.
  • Then, choose Unlock device and sign in to your Google Account.

This feature is beneficial when you’ve forgotten your pc password, however you can recall your own smartphone .

Another helpful tip is if your telephone and Chromebook are signed into precisely the exact same account, you may conveniently use your Android apparatus to open distinct google accounts in your Chromebook.

4. Use Powerwash to unlock Chromebook without a password

It is possible to unlock your Chromebook with no password by factory resetting your device. But this process will eliminate all of the information on your own Chromebook’s hard disk.

Luckily, a factory reset will not change the saved data in your own Google Drive.

To activate the Powerwash feature on your computer:

  • Press Alt +Ctrl + Shift + R simultaneously.
  • Then click “Restart“.
  • After this, a box will appear. Choose Powerwash > Continue.

Meanwhile, in case you are having difficulty with navigating your Chromebook here is a listing of informative posts which may help you.

5. Use another operating system to unlock Chromebook without a password

Finally, the previous method requires one to install Linux to your Chromebook. This procedure is somewhat tricky as you are technically bypassing the consent log in about the Chrome OS.

To do so you have to dual-boot your own Chromebook using the Chrome OS and a Linux distro in precisely the exact same moment. Although, it seems complex Chrome OS makes it effortless to change between two operating methods to handily open popular programs with Linux counterparts.

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As a whole, the idea of the Chromebook is about creating a reasonable computer that works to use the online software of Google. In essence, the vast majority of your Chromebook attributes can only be used together with your Google account password. Authorizations such as passwords and PIN is an authentication procedure required to defend you and your information. Nonetheless, in the event you forget your account information, these handy tips can allow you to unlock a Chromebook without a password.


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