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How To Connect PS4 To VGA Monitor Port? 6 Easy Steps

how to connect ps4 to vga monitor

In case you’ve got an older version monitor with no HDMI port, linking a PS4 will turn into a substantial hassle. You may have tried several approaches today. If you are not completed yet, check our guide about the best way best to connect PS4 into VGA monitor interface.

We have introduced six easy steps which you can follow to earn your PS4 operate correctly. Be at ease concerning the resolution and compatibility.

How To Connect PS4 To Monitor Through VGA Port? Steps Explained

Here are some steps to connect your PC with PS4 through a VGA port other than HDMI. Follow them, and you’ll be good to go.

Stuff You’ll Require

For a proper setup, you’ll require the following accessories:

  1. PS4 system
  2. HDMI to VGA connector cable
  3. PC
  4. Controller
  5. USB Cable

1. Get An Appropriate HDMI to VGA Cable

  • To start with, you are going to want an HDMI to VGA converter cable which can connect your PC and PS4.
  • Be certain it’s HDCP compatible, for getting a high movie output signal.
  • You are going to find a black screen in another instance.
  • In addition, be certain it includes an audio lineup for audio output.


2. Connect Cable To PS4 And Monitor

After obtaining the right cable, it is time to link it with the track and PS4.

Connect the HDMI port into the PS4 and VGA port into the monitor.

Manage it gently to make a safe connection.

Press The Power Button

For which makes it work, press the power button of the PS4.

Hold it still for 10 seconds until you hear a beep sound.

It will lead you to the retrieval menu of this PS4.

4. Connect The Controller

Now connect the controller with the PS4 through a USB cable.

It’s required since you need to carry out an action on the screen.

Press the PS4 button and proceed further after making the control link.

5. Fix the best Resolution Issue

If your computer’s optimum resolution is significantly less than 1080 pixels, or sub HD or less than HD, you may face a mistake.

It’s due to the difference in settlements of PS4 and PC.

You will shift to the secure mode in case it seems.

Then, click the”change resolution” part on the screen.

A pop-up will probably seem to reboot your PS4.

6. Reboot Your PS4 And Pick Resolution

Start rebooting your PC, and following completion, it is going to set any resolution of PS4.

Now proceed to the settings section and click “screen video output settings”.

Change the resolution in accordance with your system specifications.

If it’s less than 1080p, place the resolution 720p.

If you’ll try to set it above it, your monitor will start showing a black screen, and you’ll need to repeat the process.

After choosing the desired resolution, the PS4 will begin operating, and also you are able to analyze your display.

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Bringing It All Together

Hence that was all about how to connect PS4 to the VGA monitor port. Be vigilant in case of resolution and HDCP compatibility to ensure the best results. Enjoy your games, and do comment or contact us in case of any ambiguity.



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