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how to clean a Chromebook screen (No Damage!)

how to clean a chromebook screen

So, you want to clean your Chromebook’s screen without damaging it and make it like new again- with no fingerprints, smudges, and stylus prints.

10 Essential Tips On How To Clean Chromebook Screen

Would you wish to learn how to wash the Chromebook display? Fortunately, this guide is the ultimate guide on how to correctly wash your Chromebook display.

Life in the electronic era depends upon what is in the front of the display displays. Every day men and women interact with their tv, notebooks, e-reader, and smartphones to collect all kinds of information. The Chromebook designed with excellent efficiency in handling internet-based jobs is among those devices.

Among the most effective approaches to guarantee the wellbeing of Chromebooks is understanding how to wash the Chromebook screen.

The essential aspects that Chromebook consumers will need to be aware of in regards to learning how to wash Chromebook displays are given below.

  • How to inspect Chromebook display
  • What cleaning materials to use.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to clean Chromebook screen properly.

What Cleaning Materials To Use

how to clean a chromebook screen

If it comes to cleaning your Chromebook screen, there are two essential things that you require: a microfiber fabric and a cleaning option.

Microfabric fabric is the most powerful material which you may use to clean your pc displays. Chromebook screens may be sensitive, so thus you want a soft cloth that does not leave any lint. Among the most typical mistakes, you could make in cleaning the Chromebook display is using a normal cotton fabric or toilet paper. These substances may appear soft but they leave tiny particles around the display that may scratch your screen.

Therefore it is suggested to use a microfiber fabric in cleaning sensitive gadgets and items like tablets tablet computers, laptops, laptops, and even lenses.

Using a soft fabric to wash a dry display is insufficient to clear the dirt out on your screen. Be certain that you avoid harsh chemicals to prevent damaging the display.

If you are concerned about choosing the proper cleaning solution. Some manufacturing firms of different Chromebooks advocate a special sort of cleaning solution. But if you do not have some of those cleaning solutions available close to you, you still request a recommendation by a trusted digital store. You will discover they are for overall cleaning of different display units not only for Chromebooks.

Typically, these cleaning gear come as a kit or package. The common ones you will find about include;

  • Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit containing a spray and microfiber cloth
  • Miracle Wipes for Electronics Cleaning
  • WOOSH Screen Cleaner Kit with Microfiber Cloth
  • Windex Electronics Screen Wipes for Computer, Laptop Spray, Phones, and Televisions


How To Inspect A Dirty Screen

how to clean a chromebook screen

Cleaning your Chromebook screen should begin with identifying whether your screen is cluttered or not. Here are simple strategies to correctly inspect your Chromebook display.

  1. Turn off your Chromebook.
  2. Hold it against a unidirectional source of light from a relatively dark room.
  3. Twist it in various positions and angles to check if there are dust and grime on your screen. 
  4. Now that you are done inspecting your Chromebook you can start cleaning your screen.

How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen complete guide.

How To Clean Chromebook Screen

  • If you are Chromebook includes a removable battery then you want to eliminate that too to prevent any electrical issues.
  • Gently pour or spray on the screen-cleaning option on the microfiber fabric. Do not let it become too wet or moist. Never directly use the cleaning solution on your screen to stop any difficulties.
  • Now lightly wipe out the microfabric fabric on the filthy regions of your screen. Scrub it circularly to stop annoying streaks. Please note, that you will need to wash your display as quickly as possible since digital screens may be sensitive.
  • Keep on repeating the procedure until your display is totally free of smudges, dust, soil, and other undesirable streaks. While doing so, ensure your computer keyboard and vents stay dry and free of any drips.
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes to allow the display to dry until rebooting it.

Materials That You Can NOT Use To Clean Chromebook

But this compound may be too powerful to your Chromebook display.

Toilet Paper — This really is cheap and widely accessible however, the substance used in bathroom newspapers is flimsy and it readily breaks apart. Using this will leave stripes on your display.

Newspaper — Simply because papers are excellent for cleaning mirrors, so it does not indicate they’re appropriate for your electronics. Sure they will not smudge your screen but papers are too rough on your display.

Plain water

The very first option most men and women use is plain waterstraight from the faucet.

And the issue with this is that tap water frequently has minerals in it such as magnesium and calcium carbonates. These minerals leave behind these white stripes and tough buildup over time which you might have seen in your own aquarium or shower.

If you use tap water on your own Chromebook’s track, it will probably just smear the dirt on there and leave behind mineral and calcium deposits with time.

And of course, it will also scratch and damage your display if you are not careful and you’ve got hard water. Just imagine a lot of microscopic stones being smeared across your display as you wish. This peels off the anti-glare coating and may leave behind minor scrapes in case you are not careful.

The magnesium and calcium carbonate mineral residue will harm, discolor, and perhaps even scrape (clearly ) your display as time passes.

Don’t use tap water to wash your screen under any situation if you would like to safeguard it. This is a large no-no.

Distilled water

The distilled water is a great alternative for fast cleanup- supplied that you are using a suitable and 100% wash material to wash the screen with.

Distilled water is totally pure and doesn’t have minerals, therefore it does not leave behind streaks or contain some minerals. You only need to be cautious of the substance you use to wash the screen with- it needs to be clean and free of any buildup or you may also be simply using tap water!

It does not work well for petroleum, grease, or smudges but instead just spreads it on your own display.

It is fantastic for a fast screen cleanup but nothing overly intensive.

Extremely filthy displays with visible dust or dirt marks will not truly be cleaned using distilled water. You will only blotch the dirt and dirt throughout the screen (or distribute it into a very thin coating that shows up under bright lights).

Windex and related sprays

This might be evident, but you shouldn’t ever use Windex or other comparable window cleaners on your own Chromebook.

This material is unpleasant and will rip and tear down the protective coating and also can damage your screen by simply eating away the substance till you get observable”blobs” or even”lighter regions” throughout your screen. Ever.


Vinegar can do the job excellently as a display cleaner, but you want to be certain to receive the diluted, pristine, and white vinegar kind. Any other vinegar can damage your display.

You are able to buy white vinegar in any grocery store. Check the ingredients and be sure it’s only pure white vinegar without the additives.

  • Get 100% pure white vinegar.
  • Get distilled water.
  • Mix the vinegar and distilled water in a 75:25 ratio. That means for every 3 parts distilled water, and 1 part white vinegar.
  • Dump the solution into a spray bottle.
  • Shake vigorously.

That’s it!

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is just another solution widely used for cleaning.

I would not use this material since isopropyl alcohol is much better than hydrogen peroxide for cleaning displays. Peroxide can damage the screen as it is more powerful and will even leave streaks more readily in my expertise.

But isopropyl alcohol will evaporate and any water current instantly, therefore it does not leave any streaks behind (given your fabric or substance is sterile ).

One other important reality is that isopropyl alcohol will not conduct electricity. Therefore, if you accidentally spill any on your notebook’s keyboard, touchpad, or perhaps in the display cracks (that the bezels around the display ), it will not mistake or short your Chromebook- in terms of electric conductivity, that is.

(I advise that you go random and spill the material.)

Commercial display cleaners

Commercial display cleaners

Any electronics shop will sell display cleaners advertising different attributes like”run free” or even”cleans in a single brush”

Know that it actually does not matter and they need to all work exactly the same. Only get the one that seems most appealing to you and make use of it. There is no actual need to do comparison shopping- particularly when you can create your own display cleaner for under $2.

If you are too lazy, you could always simply order a jar online. Display cleaner. It is cheap, simple to use, does not hurt the display, and only works like you would expect a screen cleaner to get the job done.


The Chromebook display, like the majority of the digital screen components, is extremely delicate. Caring for your device needs you to utilize the ideal equipment and processes to make sure your Chromebook display is in its very best condition.

The reality is, the approach is straightforward as long as you use the appropriate cleaning tools on your screen.

Any kind of harsh substances isn’t acceptable for disinfecting or cleaning electronics since they can tarnish your screen.

Aside from that, people have the inclination to just catch a bit of fabric, t-shirt, tissue, or perhaps paper to wash their displays. Honestly, in the event that you truly wish to maintain your Chromebook at tiptop shape, you want to use a soft microfiber fabric or a display cleaning wipe.

All in all, the practice of cleaning the Chromebook display is quite simple and simple.



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