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Computer screens have come a long way since their progress particularly in the recent years where proprietary tracks are being created for particular functions in order to satisfy the demands of users. By way of instance, gaming monitor have been around the uprise in this decade, and that is why are remarkably popular with the technology community.

With all the progress in monitors, are there some particular monitors that is going to be a fantastic match for a very simple job; great for reading text? As you aren’t the sole one. The majority of those who will purchase a monitor will probably be spending a great deal of time in the front of the monitor displays reading files and for a few, it may be part of the occupation, meaning spending 9 to 10 hours working on monitors.

Writers, analysts, book readers, overall internet surfers, proofreaders, freelancers, and several others need to sit for extended durations of time in front of monitors. And browse documents that are extensive. This also contributes to an irritating eye strain. And also an annoying headache that is demonstrated scientifically to be not great for your emotional health and vision. Thus in order to satisfy this simple requirement of extended duration text reading, businesses have developed some attention favorable and crystal clear monitors that are better to look at for extended hours.

In this detailed guide, we’ll be going to help you pick the ideal track for reading files.

Best monitors for reading documents: Buying Guide

Before making a decision to purchase, you need to know the following things which are necessary to look for while buying the best monitor for text clarity and long hours:

Display Type

  • Specifically talking about reading, the E ink display monitors are best reading documents and text. If you are strictly looking for a monitor for reading purposes, there is no doubt you should opt for an E ink black and white monitor.
  • But if you don’t want a black and white monitor, there are other options available too. The most popular and advanced one among them is the IPS (In-Plane-Switching) display which gives a highly color accurate image along with wide viewing angles.
  • Another display panel known for high contrast ratio and better refresh rate for clear texts and faster reading is the VA (vertical alignment) panel type display.
  • The last but not least are the TN display panels, which are budget options and are not recommended for reading.

Size of screen

The next main factor for the very best track for reading text would be your display size. It’s fairly evident that the larger the screen, the better it’s for reading long paragraphs and documents. After evaluating the mount or desk area you have available, clearly, you should choose the greatest screen size. Anywhere between 24 inches upto 40 inches is a recommended size for a track for reading files.


A large screen will be futile if its resolution isn’t large enough. The ideal screen for text clarity ought to possess the maximum resolution, since this attribute plays a significant part in making the picture crystal clear. Anything over 1080p is regarded as a nice settlement for reading texts.

Top 5 Best monitors for reading documents: Our top picks

After reviewing in detail and consulting experts, lapsguide has concluded the list of following monitors for you which are ideal for text clarity, reading, and long hours.

1. Dasung E-Ink Paper Like 13.3” Monitor

As we discussed earlier in our buying guide for the best monitors for reading documents under the screen form, E Ink screens are the best choice and best screens for reading text since they nearly mimic a newspaper. Along with the very best track on the record and editor’s option is also an E-Ink display screen. Here is actually the Dasung 13.3″ documents just like a monitor. In reality, it’s the first screen which comes with an E ink screen panel.

The distinguishing feature about a E ink screen panel is the fact that it shows text in such a way that imitates a text printed onto a newspaper. This is a good benefit for people who take their reading seriously and need something that they are able to look at for a protracted time period without causing a strain for your own eyes.

Even though the display size isn’t comparable to a regular screen, this is an perfect size if you’re going to read your files up close. It is high resolution on a display of this size actually turns the text onto the display to be crystal clear as it could be. It is possible to link this to a PC or some other device through an HDMI interface alongside a USB power cable.

  • The best monitor for text clarity.
  • Very high resolution.
  • Glare-free screen.
  • E ink paper-like display.
  • Runs on very minimal power.
  • Expensive.
  • Only black and white colors are supported.

2. BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS Monitor

Our next choice is your BenQ GW2480 24 Inch monitor also. It’s the best budget monitor for reading files beneath 200 USD. Regardless of being a budget track. This fulfills every need from our buying guide to get a track for text reinforcement and claws each component of reading files for extended hours. BenQ is well known for their ultra-modern and higher-tech excellent tracks. And it’s revealed its excellence in this track also.

It has every feature a regular reader may ask for in an ideal track function and reading. It’s an IPS-type monitor panel that provides the consumers a wide-angle viewing encounter with true-to-color graphics in files. Additionally, it has a low blue light filter. That eliminates the stinging blue light coming out of the monitor. That’s a significant cause of eye strain when reading files for extended hours.

The flicker-free display can allow you to read for extended durations without having to worry about any type of distortions. The plan of the monitor comprises very thin smooth bezels that provides you more reading distance.

  • Budget friendly.
  • 1080p IPS panel.
  • Intelligence Adaptive Technology.
  • Flicker-free and blue light filter.
  • Not the highest resolution.
  • Average brightness levels.

3. ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC 37.5″ Monitor

After we discussed the display size in our buying guide we spoke about a screen exactly like the ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC. It’s a 37.5″ wide curved screen. It includes an Ultra broad Quad HD curved display with a resolution of 3840 x 1600. If you do not have any budget or space issues. This really is the finest curved screen for reading you can opt for. The resolution of the screen is 3840 x 1600. Which finally provides you 21 percent more onscreen region to work on and translates into a crystal clear text.

The Ultrawide curved screen is quite beneficial in reading big PDF files and files. It’s a 178-degree viewing angle that provides you an immersive experience when reading text. What is more notable regarding its productivity is the fact that. It’s a built-in 15W Qi wireless charger in its own stand to your phone so that it can charge when you’re reading your own documents.

This monitor includes a flicker-free display. And Asus eye care technologies play a very important role in minimizing eye strain. And aids your read for extended durations.

  • 178 Degree 37.5” curved display.
  • Asus eye care technology.
  • Ultra wide Quad HD resolution.
  • Built-in wireless charger.
  • Expensive.
  • Not an ergonomic stand.


4. Dell S3219D 32 inch monitor

On the fourth area of the listing for best monitors for text clarity is a track from S collection by DELL. For people who don’t need a curved screen. But are looking for a huge display, this is actually the track they ought to opt for. It’s a sizable 32 inches horizontal display that’s excellent to get a better reading experience.

In case your job office can match a 32 inch sized screen, you need to do it. However, a massive screen isn’t the remedy to each of the issues. The Dell D3219D includes a QHD resolution to go together with the massive screen size that not just makes the pictures additional transparent. But also creates the text crystal clear crisp and easier to read.

And for the color precision section where the VA panels absence behind. This monitor by Dell covers it by providing 99% policy to the sRGB range and AMD FreeSync technologies. That also makes it an ideal selection for players and professional video and picture editors.

Regarding eye and reading relaxation. Dell has showcased the Comfortview technologies in this track which drastically lowers the damaging blue light from its own display. Additionally, it comes with a flicker-free plus a low-haze display to increase reading. And also make it a watch the comfy track.

  • 32 inches screen size.
  • VA panel with high contrast ratio.
  • Comfortview technology.
  • Flicker-free screen.
  • Viewing angles are affected as it is not an IPS panel.

5. Philips 276E8VJSB 27″ Monitor

Another budget choice in our best picks for best monitors for reading documents is your Philips 276E8JSB screen.

It’s a 4K monitor using a display size of 27 inches. This means that you may anticipate an extremely large quality and crystal clear picture quality on this screen. Why is it an incredibly pleasing option to think about it is fairly cheap? Compared to additional 4K monitors of the size. Yet it’s among the very best 4K monitors you’ll find.

It’s also available in bigger and ultrawide sizes. If you would like to devote some more to larger screen size. The bezels on this design are ultra-thin. An amazing customizability alternative given by Philips to the consumers is they can select their own panel kind depending upon their personal tastes, ranging from curved IPS or VA. And horizontal IPS or even VA.. If you aren’t somebody who’s into curved screens. Our recommendation is going to be the horizontal IPS board for reading files, as mentioned previously in the buying guide.

Philips’ new flicker-free technology also creates the screen of the screen simple to check at for prolonged periods without causing your eye muscles to become emptied. Additionally, it has MultiView technologies. Which lets you join and see numerous apparatus around the screen at precisely the exact same moment.

  • 4K UHD resolution.
  • Highly color-accurate monitor.
  • Very high brightness.
  • Flicker-free screen.
  • Not compatible with VESA mount.

Best Monitors for Web Design

Final words

Choosing the best monitor for reading documents for long hours can be a difficult choice. To make especially with so many options available on the market. We hope that this comprehensive guide and detailed reviews of each product helped you in making your decision. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comments down below.


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